Troubleshooting with Onan Engine Parts

Troubleshooting with Onan Engine PartsThe company Onan began operations as a power generator maker back in 1920. During its long successful run, it made many commercial grade and residential power generators. However, this company was best known for its compact gas engines that could do wonders in the welding industry.

In 2010, the company shut down its manufacturing plants but, before it discontinued its existing engines, it went into a deal with Miller and Lincoln to exclusively provide them with welding engines. In order to uphold their contract of producing replacement Onan Engine parts, they still continue to make and distribute them through certified contractors and distribution agents.

Features that Made Onan Engines so Popular

All Onan engines were made to meet existing emission standards without the need for extra modifications. For example, the Performer OHV 20 had a strong built quality using cylinder sleeves made from cast iron, fuel pumps, a fixed speed governor, large air cleaning filter, oil filter with full-flow spin-on and electronic ignition system.

This engine could easily churn out 16 HP of maintained output using a good compression ratio of 8.3 to 1. It delivered a maximum torque of 4.53 pounds per sq. foot at 2,200 RPM while weighing just around 97 pounds.

Problems that May Require Repairs or New Onan Engine Parts

There are three common problems with engines from this brand that may call for new Onan engine parts. They are related directly with the engine, oxidizing issues and display lights.
Troubleshooting The Engine
Troubleshooting with Onan Engine Parts
If one of your Onan engine parts abruptly stops, soon after pressing the Start button, then you have a serious problem at hand. It is the control board that is at fault since it cannot pass on the needed voltage to the regulator to keep the engine powered up. This regulator is an integral part of the device that allows the generator to use power as and where needed. To check whether you need to replace the regulator, plug in a voltmeter to the regulator and switch the engine on. If your voltmeter reads less power than what the gauges show you, then it is definitely a voltage regulator issue.
Troubleshooting Oxidizing Issues
When your generator shows zero output and stops supplying any power, understand that it is a problem with the slip rings. Those oxidize over time and have to be replaced completely. This issue usually causes the generator to completely lose its output. Although, leaving the generator like this does not harm it in any way, it is best to purchase new slip rings and replace the old ones. Moreover, try and keep the rings away from condensation and corrosion.
Troubleshooting Faulty Displays
If you switch the generator on and find that the displays are not working, then check the back of the generator for the circuit breaker. Chances are that it might be in the OFF position. Otherwise, it is surely an electrical issue with the generator. Another possibility is that the unit is now unable to hold any power it produces as it has become too damaged. This will require a complete overhaul with plenty of proprietary Onan engine parts. Just remember to get a certified electrician to do the repairs.