Stump Grinder for Sale: What, Which and Where to Buy?

If you are looking for tips to buy a stump grinder for sale, you have come to the right place. Let us take a quick look at the entire business of stump grinding in this article, and round it off with a list of places from where you can purchase your machine at an affordable price.

What is a Stump Grinder?

It is a power tool (you can think of it as a glorified lawn mower) which has a disc with studded teeth that rotates and chips away at stumps. You can spin the stump grinder around in all four directions (some can even be raised and lowered) using the hydraulic lever attached to the cutting disc to cut away a stump.

Stump Grinder for Sale: What, Which and Where to Buy? Tree stumps are left behind when trees are cut down. To remove a tree stump, a stump grinder is required. Stump grinders retail from $2,000 onwards, and are a pricey investment, regardless of whether you are a homeowner or an entrepreneur looking to get into the stump grinding business. If you only have one stump to remove, then it makes better sense to hire a professional. If, on the other hand, you have a large cleared property with numerous stumps, then it would make sense to buy a stump grinder.

What types of Stump Grinders are available for Sale?

Stump Grinders come in a variety of sizes and specifications. Below are some of the most popular types.

Manual Stump Grinder

These are the cheapest stump grinders available out there. Basically the user pushes the stump grinder to wherever the stump is. They are small in size and will reach where the other bigger machines can’t. The diameter of the cutter wheels on these stump grinders ranges from 11 to 14 inches.

Self-propelled Stump Grinder

These are powered by gas or diesel. They have motors ranging from 25 to 100 HP. The cutting wheel can be as big as 72 inches. These are powerful machines which allow you to drive the tool (like a golf cart) to the site, or can be controlled by radio remotes. These are ideal for places where you can’t push or tow your manual stump grinders.

Tow-type Stump Grinder

These are heavy duty machines which are used for clearing up a large area filled with many stumps. You require a truck to tow these bulky tools to the stumps. However, they will make quick work of even the hardest of tree stumps.

Track-type Stump Grinder

If you used a pick-up truck to tow a stump grinder over a landscaped area, it would be destroyed. Track-type stump grinders have their own tracks, allowing them to travel without damaging the surrounding area. They are also great at handling rough terrain.

How do I choose a Stump Grinder to buy?

There are basically five aspects to choosing a stump grinder.


If you are buying a manual stump grinder, you won’t be able to load or unload it into your truck, or push it up and down slopes, if it is too heavy. Also heavy stump grinders will spoil the turf around a stump. Choose a stump grinder with the lightest weight suitable for your requirement.


Grinders with heavy-duty motors will get the job done quickly. However, the higher the horsepower, the more expensive the motor, so compare models within your budget to find the one with the highest power.


If the grinder is too bulky, it won’t fit through fences or around corners or which are adjacent to other structures. Get a grinder that has as slim a profile as possible. This will give you more reach.


Quite a few stumps are located below ground level or on a slope. Besides stumps must be ground down at least 5 inches into the ground. A stump grinder should have the reach to get in at least 15-20 inches below the surface.


The cutting disc is usually a circular metal disc which has teeth mounted on it. Carbide tipped teeth are better since they cut cleaner. A clean cutting wheel prevents damage to the turf surrounding the stump.

Last Considerations

Used or New?

Stump Grinder for Sale: What, Which and Where to Buy?There are a lot of used stump grinders available for sale out there. While they are inexpensive, find out how long the stump grinder has been used before, whether it has been maintained properly, whether the teeth are still sharp, and how many stumps have been cut. This will allow you to estimate if the grinder and its motor are near the end of their working life.

If you are buying new, the standard manufacturer’s warranty, and sales and service distribution network will more than suffice to keep your investment working. For those looking to go into the business of stump grinding, it makes more sense to own a stump grinder, even if it’s one of the manual models, rather than buy a used one. The cost of the teeth and maintenance far outweigh the initial capital investment

Where Can I buy a Stump Grinder for Sale?

The best place to buy used or new stump grinders is to go directly to the manufacturer’s website and order a model. Rayco and Alpinemagum are two very popular manufacturers of stump grinders. They have stump grinders starting from around $4,000 onward with highly-efficient 10-15 HP motors. Apart from this, you can also check out other websites of manufacturers like stumper3500 or langtool. Or you can look in your local Craigslist listing for stump grinders. Also, eBay is a popular website where a number of new and used stump grinders are available for auction.

Remember, there will always be a better machine, but there shouldn’t be a better operator. For home owners, a basic portable stump grinder will work fine. For those looking to set up a business, it makes sense to invest in a heavy-duty self-propelled stump grinder to deal with the larger stumps, and a smaller self-propelled stump grinder to take care of the smaller, hard-to-reach stumps. Hopefully these tips on selecting and buying a stump grinder for sale will prove to be useful for you.