Airboats for Sale: Why, How and Where to Buy!

If you’re looking for airboats for sale, you already know that these “flat-bottomed crafts with a large fan” make for great vehicles to traverse marshy swamps or shallow lakes on your way to your favourite hunting or fishing spot. Not only can they navigate over terrain that conventional boats would have trouble handling, there are also a host of other benefits to using airboats, some of which are listed below.

Why Buy an Airboat?

Simply put, airboats:

  • give you the freedom to navigate across a wide variety of land, water and icescapes
  • can be manufactured custom-built to your requirements
  • are a cheaper way to traverse across rough terrain than by helicopter or motorboats
  • are easy to maintain, since they have very few rotary parts
  • are stable, light-weight, durable and fast
  • don’t have a propeller in the water and therefore do not destroy surface fauna or flora. They don’t discharge effluents into the water. As a result, they are environment friendly. Also, airboats usually have hulls made of Aluminium which is non-toxic

How to Buy an Airboat?

1) Fix a Budget
Airboats for Sale: Why, How and Where to Buy! Airboats are available used for under $6000 and you can also get one with all the fancy bells and whistles for over $40,000. Carefully consider what you intend to use your airboat for. Commercial fishing? Or recreational activity? Are you a new user? Or a practised hand? Depending on your requirements decide upon a budget.
2) Check the Construction
Airboats are made of fibreglass or aluminium. Both have their pros and cons. If the hull size is large, you will require a larger engine, but you will also have a more stable platform. Airboats can fit from 2 to 18 passengers depending on size.
3) Check the Motor
The motor propels the airboat, and should therefore have enough horsepower to propel the airboat at a reasonable speed at full loads.
4) Check the Noise Levels
Nothing is more off-putting than an airboat that whines like a chain-saw in a horror movie. The latest models will usually be much quieter than the older ones, which are notoriously loud.
5) Get Expert Recommendations
Find people who have already handled airboats, particularly the model you are looking to buy. Ask them for an honest opinion, and if possible, invite one of them along to check out an airboat for you. Throw in a beer into the equation and most enthusiasts will be happy to help. Small price to pay for your investment, isn’t it?
Where to Buy an Airboat from?
Airboats are available custom-made or factory produced. You can always find new or used airboats through:

  • Local Classifieds or Craig’s List
  • eBay
  • Boat Shows
  • Boat Dealers

Apart from your local sources, here are a few online sellers that you can contact to buy your own airboat.


Hopefully the above tips and resources on why, how and where to purchase airboats for sale will come in handy for you to find and purchase your own airboat. Happy Adventuring!